“It’s like I reached into an old pair of jeans and found
an extra $1,187 that I didn’t realize I had.”

– Louise O., San Diego, California

Dear Reader,

If you are invested in the Nasdaq or NYSE, there’s currently a 99.7% chance you’re missing out on some very easy extra money.

In fact, this income is so easy to capture, it’s practically like “unclaimed” money just waiting to be added to your brokerage account.

When you claim it, you’ll feel like you found a wad of cash in the pocket of an old coat.

And whether you consider yourself middle class… well-off… or anything in between…

There might be thousands more dollars available than you can imagine, just waiting for you.

According to some numbers I’ll share with you in a moment, even the average baby boomer’s retirement account has $1,544 to $9,265 worth of unclaimed “Section 1092 Dividends.”

Now, these are potentially “bonus” payments from stocks you likely already own…

That you can capture in less than an hour.

Right now. Even in your IRA or 401(k).

As the Chief Income Strategist for one of the country’s most successful financial organizations, I’ve taught investors all over the U.S. how to collect what I like to call Section 1092 Dividends.

Here are some of the hundreds of personal thank-you notes I’ve received just in the last month…

  • Howard M., from Rochester, Minnesota, tells me he “Netted $8,295” so far this year.
  • Virginia D., from Newark, New Jersey, says she already “Has $2,000 more in my account this year than I would have.”
  • Mary M., from Mankato, Minnesota, is on track to get $6,000 this year, currently claiming “About $500 / month.”

In this special presentation, I want to show you how you can quickly get this money too…

Using the Section 1092 Dividends, we’ll go through it step by step, in a live account…


Wall Street insiders use this strategy all the time… so there is no cloak and dagger here.

It’s almost as easy as placing any other trade in your brokerage account.

You see, claiming this cash relies on an often hidden feature of your account.

You just have to unlock it.

Most brokers will try to steer you away from doing this because they get bigger commissions selling you other financial instruments.

But don’t let them.

They themselves use this feature all the time. Hedge fund managers and other Wall Street insiders use them too.

In fact, investment banks Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and others have computers solely dedicated to collecting millions of dollars a day using this technique.

If all of these professionals are doing it, I believe that once you see how easy it is… you will want to as well.

Especially when you discover this strategy carries less risk than trading stocks alone.

Asset management firm M.D. Sass Investors Services Inc. even revealed publicly that a fund modeled after this strategy is “generating cash flow well in excess of what you’re getting from any quality investment.”

A USA Today special report concluded, “for people coming up short on income at retirement… [Section 1092 Dividends] could make a difference in your golden years.”

Today, I’m going to show you how you can get this money in your pocket too… so you can collect anywhere from $1,544 to $9,265 within the next hour depending on the size of your portfolio.


To be clear: I’m talking about locked-in… legally obligated… 100% guaranteed income that you receive instantly.

Although they’re not actual dividends, Section 1092 Dividend payments are yours to keep and do whatever you want with too.

You’ll even discover that they are more reliable than “regular” dividends. Here’s what I mean…

Whereas regular dividends can stop being paid due to weak earnings or cash and other funds dwindling…

When you use this strategy, Section 1092 Dividends are paid out 100% of the time.


Fast, reliable cash… 100% of the time… virtually on demand.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, pay careful attention.

You’re about to learn what might be the most lucrative way to generate income in the world’s financial markets.

When you see this money routed immediately to your account for the first time, you may be startled at how easy it is…

And how much you’ve collected, for so little “work.”

If you consider yourself well-off, you could have a small fortune waiting to be claimed…

Maybe tens of thousands today… and hundreds of thousands over the next few years.

But no matter your current situation… and no matter how much you receive when you try this for the first time…

I’m quite confident you’ll wish you knew about these Section 1092 Dividends even sooner. Here’s why…


As The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist, I’ve already shown thousands of our Members how to claim their own Section 1092 Dividends.

Many send in their personal stories of what they are now doing with this extra income.

For example, Heidi H. and her husband, from Dallas, Texas, “use annual withdrawals for our vacation spending… and for fun!”

Steven R., from Gainesville, Florida, has claimed enough to “take the family on vacation next year… all 17 of us.”

I’ve heard from hundreds of others who have used the money in all sorts of different ways…

For weddings, medical expenses, new cars for a spouse, children’s sports lessons and more…

Some are using the extra money to fund new business ventures.

But most say thanks because they are putting this extra money back to work in their portfolio…

To earn even more money.

Like Mary M., from Mankato, Minnesota, who said she and her husband are “both working part time… not withdrawing anything… but are using ‘Section 1092 Dividends’ to build up more funds.”

You too can start claiming this money today… and for the rest of your life.

You just need to know how to access it…

And I’ll show you how to do that next.

First, let me formally introduce myself…


If you haven’t read my research… or if we haven’t already met… my name is Marc Lichtenfeld.

As The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist and Editor of Dividend Multiplier, I show regular people how to generate significant, ever-increasing amounts of wealth and income over time.

Since my best-selling Get Rich With Dividends book was published (I’ll show you how you can get it for free in a minute)… I’ve met hundreds of Oxford Club Members all over the world.

Now, wherever I go… Europe… Canada… Australia… the topic of Section 1092 Dividends comes up more frequently.

That’s because investors are finding it increasingly difficult to earn income in the world’s financial markets.

They have concerns about inflation…

They are frustrated with yields, too.

That’s why Section 1092 Dividends are perfect.

From what my readers could be seeing, they return…

  • Ten times what 10-year Treasurys do
  • 2,400% more than a bank CD
  • Fifty times more than a money market account
  • And 1,215% more than the average S&P 500 stock’s dividend…

With an even greater level of safety.

Unfortunately, many folks are turning to more and more exotic income instruments… often unaware of their unseen elements of risk… or unintended tax consequences.

So I wanted to find a way to help people earn sustainable, double-digit income and double their portfolio every few years… with very little risk.

A few years ago, I took a sabbatical and locked myself into my house while my family went on vacation.

During this quiet two weeks… with frequent outings for coffee… I learned everything I could about Section 1092 Dividends.

I discovered the details of what you are learning now.

  • You can access them in any brokerage account (even IRA and 401(k) accounts).
  • It’s 100% guaranteed income when you make this market transaction.
  • The average baby boomer’s account has $1,544 to $9,265 worth of Section 1092 Dividends just waiting to be claimed.
  • You can claim them in as little as five minutes.

It all seemed almost too good to be true. So, I started using them in a paper trading account first…

Everything checked out.

Then, I began live trading in my own account… and the results were impressive, to say the least.

My heart literally jumped the first time I saw the money pop up on my own screen.

After that, I spent the next 18 months perfecting a strategy anyone could put to use in his or her own account…

And today, I continue to use it as a source of income in my own personal portfolio.

My subscribers have told me this secret has dramatically increased the amount of cash in their accounts.

Like Eduardo L., from Tampa Bay, Florida, who says, “I have made up to $10,000 using this method and I buy more shares in order to increase the income…”

People are using this hidden brokerage feature to bring in more and more cash each month.

But rather than tell their stories, let me show you how YOU can claim your own Section 1092 Dividends… on dividend stocks you likely already own… starting today.

This is important: You can ALSO claim Section 1092 Dividends on NON-dividend-paying stocks. I’ll explain how to do that in a moment too.

One of the first times I heard about them, I read, “It’s like I reached into an old pair of jeans and found an extra $1,187 that I didn’t realize I had.”

Now I’d like to show you why that’s true.

So let me take you into a live paper trading account…

And show you step by step how to claim your money.


Welcome back…


I’m in sunny South Florida right now… and I’m going to show you how the average baby boomer can collect from $1,544 to $9,265 in no time flat.

So here we are in a paper trading account in an online brokerage.

I’ve set it up like an average baby boomer retirement account. According to Vanguard, the average 55- to 64-year-old investor has $154,421 in their account.

You may have less… or more…

No matter how much you have, there’s almost always money to be collected…

I’ll use $150,000 here.


What I’m going to show you how to do is add $4,475 to your account in 10 minutes or less.

I’ve spread it across nine dividend-paying stocks.

I didn’t cherry-pick them…

I simply used the nine most widely held dividend-paying stocks…

Vodafone Group (Nasdaq: VOD), Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE: LLY), GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK), Total SA (NYSE: TOT), Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY), Merck & Co. (NYSE: MRK), Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) and Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM).

Let’s see how to pocket an extra $1,544 to $9,265 on them.


Now, your trading platform is probably going to look different than this… but the actual mechanics of the trade won’t change much from platform to platform.


We’ll start with Pfizer… a great dividend stock.

We have 200 shares…

Let’s enter the trade…

First, you enter the ticker symbol of the stock you own…



Next, you click on “option chain”…


There’s that word that some people are afraid of, by the way… option…

But this is a different type of option, as you’ll see shortly…

It’s one the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) calls “the safest of all option strategies… safer than purchasing and selling stocks only.”

I’d like to repeat that…

The Chicago Board Options Exchange…
The largest options exchange in the U.S…
Calls these options safer than purchasing and selling stocks only…

So stick with me for a moment as we claim this money…

Now, you pick the right option…


I have a simple strategy for doing that…
And I’ll show how you can do it in just a bit…

OK… some quick math here…
You own 200 shares of Pfizer…
You divide that by 100…
So you pick up two contracts…

Again, I’ll tell you how to find out exactly how to pick the right option in just a bit…

But let’s look at how much money you instantly pocket… $291.


Let’s review the order…

We’re making $291 here with a click.

You place it…


Keep an eye on the account total…
Now there is an extra $291 in the account…
So now, in the blink of an eye, you have an extra $291 in the account…

That money is now in your pocket…

It’s yours to spend…
It’s yours to reinvest…
It’s yours to withdraw…
Right now.

If you have your brokerage account linked with your checking account, you could transfer the $291 over right now too…

AND… this is key…
You still own all of your shares of a great dividend-paying stock… Pfizer.

If Pfizer goes up at all, we make more money…
If Pfizer goes down less than $291, we’re ahead…
If Pfizer goes down more than $291 in value, we still own a good dividend stock we want to keep in our portfolio anyway…

Plus, we keep capturing the regular dividends…

So this $291 is like found money.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how I’ve been able to use this strategy successfully 92% of the time.

But first, we have a few more stocks in our portfolio.
There’s still more money to be made like this.

This time, LLY. That’s Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY), one of my favorite dividend stocks.

You put in the proper symbols. Make the trade…



And another $327 is added to your account.

Now, you’re up to $618 in your account and it’s been only a few minutes.

You can do it on all of the seven remaining stocks too.

I’ll go ahead and do that real quick… and show you the results.

OK, I’m back.

OK, we did the same for the other stocks in the account… GlaxoSmithKline, Total SA, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck & Co., Vodafone Group, Abbott Laboratories and Philip Morris International Inc.

On average, we made $497 on each trade…

So we now have an extra $4,475 in the account.

$4,475 in cash…

Plus, all your regular stocks are still intact, just as I showed you with Pfizer.

It took me less than 30 minutes to do that off camera.

I have something else to show you too.

It gets even better.

Done correctly, these options can actually be “reset” every one to three months.

When they do, you can collect similar cash amounts every single time.

That means that on an average baby boomer account…

If you are able to do this every three months, that’s an extra $6,176 – $37,060 a year…

And you saw me do it with just a few mouse clicks.

Do it once a month, and that works out to $18,528 – $111,180 a year on a $150,000 portfolio.

And, if you have more in your portfolio than the average baby boomer does… there could be a LOT more.

Astonishing, right? I know I was kicking myself a few years back because I didn’t take the time to learn this like you are right now.

So where did we get all of the money… this $4,475 from?

Actually, the better question: Who did you get this $4,475 from?

Simple: You got it from the market’s biggest gamblers.

People who BUY options…


Now, buying options correctly can involve making risky bets that sometimes pay off big.

But we’re not talking about that here…

We are talking about a conservative strategy… selling options… that most investors don’t realize exists…

One that…

  • Takes the other side of the riskiest options trades
  • Is perfect in today’s low-yield environment
  • Is the safest options strategy according to the CBOE… even safer than only trading stocks
  • Can be used in your retirement account… including most IRAs or 401(k)s.

So, at this point, you may be wondering why I call these Section 1092 Dividends.

I call these Section 1092 Dividends after the federal law that allows you to trade these options.

Since this law was passed in 2002, this extraordinary little “corner” of the world’s financial markets has been open to regular investors…

But even after a decade, few people know about it…

And fewer understand it.

It’s one that allows you to take cash… from the market’s risk takers… and put it directly into your account.

And that cash is yours to keep, no matter what.

In the example you just saw, we “pocketed” $4,475…


You might have more… much more.

So why did the market’s risk takers give you this cash?

They paid you for the option to buy your stock from you at a set price on a specific date in the future if the price rises really high and really fast.

They are betting big… on a big move.

You know how that works out.

According to the Chicago Board Options Exchange, they lose money 75% to 80% of the time.

But we’re taking the opposite side of the trade.

We’re selling that option to them.

In other words, we collect the cash now. We collect the regular dividends as long as we hold the stock. And if we do sell, we still collect a nice capital gain in the process.

It’s set up for us to profit in almost every scenario.

If the risky options traders are losing 75% to 80% of the time, that means we’re winning 75% to 80% of the time.

A quick note: Using the strategy I developed for my Dividend Multiplier subscribers, we’ve done even better than 75% to 80%.

In that service, I hand my subscribers the best opportunities on a silver platter.

And so far, the readers who invested made money off of them 92% of the time.

In fact, so far this year, we are on pace to collect income of $3,361 on an average investment of $13,500.

That’s a 25% income return for the year.

Tell me any income source that can produce those kinds of returns safely.

And yet, we can do it safely with Section 1092 Dividends.

And you can too…


You need to know only two things…

First, you need a good strategy for picking dividend stocks.

You can learn that from my book, which I’d like to give you access to for free in just a minute.

Second, you need to learn a simple formula to know which option to sell.

I’m teaching that in a free training series.

I’ll tell you all about that… and how to get access to it… in a minute.

This might be the most reliable way to earn fast income… while multiplying your yields with as little risk as possible… that the market has to offer.

I certainly think so, because these options can be “reset” every one to three months so you can do this over and over.

There are always high-stakes gamblers willing to lose in the options market… so you can sell to them again and again.

And by rolling over your proceeds again and again into another play, you have the potential to accumulate outstanding double-digit yields on your stocks.

That’s why I call the service Dividend Multiplier.

By making short-term trades, you can annualize yields beyond what you would simply make on the dividends.

Using this conservative strategy, we’ve managed a 92% win rate.

The payouts to subscribers who followed all of my Dividend Multiplier recommendations since we opened the service have already equaled out to a 15.9% yield in the first 232 days.

We’re on track to generate 25% in income by year’s end.

This would double your account in three years…

And multiply it more than ninefold in 10 years.

Imagine if your investment account were nine times larger 10 years from now.

What would you pay for that kind of return?

Most people would pay a whole lot.

And yet, the only way I’ve ever seen that’s proven to capture these kinds of returns is Section 1092 Dividends.

Section 1092 Dividends are safe… consistent… and give you the chance at solid capital gains on top of all the extra income.

I’d like you to learn how you can capture these returns too.

For free…



As a bonus when you subscribe to my research service, I’m holding a special series of free training sessions called Section 1092 Dividends: How to Collect $1,544 to $9,265 Today... and Every One to Three Months for Life.

In them, I’ll teach you the same strategy I use in my Dividend Multiplier research service.

First, I’ll show you how to access the $1,544 to $9,265… maybe more… that’s practically sitting unclaimed in your account…

You can do that within the first hour while still holding all of your stocks.

The only way you’ll lose them is if they go up in value beyond a certain price (I’ll explain in a moment) – but you’d still be collecting a capital gain in addition to the “found money.”

(Not a bad outcome, I think you’ll agree.)

I’ll go into more detail and show you how you can get free access to my training sessions in a minute.

Before that, I want to show you how you can use this strategy to not just collect on your current stock holdings… but also enter a new stock position in your own portfolio.

One on a top dividend stock that you may not already own, but that fits this strategy perfectly.

I’ll use an example from my Dividend Multiplier research service.

Here’s how that works…

When you buy a stock in my Dividend Multiplier service, you have three potential outcomes… and the way I see it, NONE of them are losers.

In fact, I call this a WIN-WIN-WIN strategy.

It’s why we’ve recorded gains 92% of the time in Dividend Multiplier.

It might be the only trade you’ll ever make in the markets where you feel in complete control when you enter it.


In options terminology, Section 1092 Dividends are also known as a type of “covered call.”

(If you’ve traded them before, you are going to learn a few new tricks right now, so hang on for a second while I bring everyone else up to speed.)

In Dividend Multiplier, you… 1. Buy dividend stocks 2. Sell calls on them.

Notice I said sell.

You’re selling calls… and since you are selling something… you’re getting paid instantly…

Unlocking more income from them.

You just saw how to do this on stocks you already own in your portfolio, but now let’s see how you can do it every time you take a new position…

Just like my current subscribers do in my Dividend Multiplier service.

Now, you can do this with any stocks that trade options.

In my service, we use dividend stocks because they give you the added benefit of capturing dividend payments, as you’ll see.

This has helped us achieve a 92% success rate.

First, we have to decide which dividend stock you want to purchase.

I wrote about this in my Get Rich With Dividends book… but this decision centers on identifying good businesses that have a history of raising their dividends.

(I’ll also show you how you can get my book for free after we get through this trade.)

I’m going to illustrate this with an actual trade from my Dividend Multiplier service.

IN MY Dividend Multiplier RESEARCH SERVICE

In my Dividend Multiplier service, I show my subscribers how to buy good dividend stocks… and multiply their yields 15 times over…

That’s 15 times better than the average S&P 500 dividend stock, which pays 1.9%.

In the first 232 days since launching my service, our earned income has come out to a safe 15.9% return thanks to the conservative strategy we’re going to look at right now…

And subscribers are on track to claim 25% for the year.

Remember, a simple 25% per year is enough to double your money in three years. And multiply it ninefold over 10.

If that isn’t good enough for you, then there are plenty of higher-risk services out there that you can try.

But this is the only safe and conservative way I’ve seen to potentially multiply your money that much over such a short period in the current yield environment.

At the very least, you ought to use my strategy to claim the $1,544 to $9,265 in Section 1092 Dividends.

This amount is just what the average baby boomer has sitting – for all intents and purposes, unclaimed – in their account right now.

You could have more…

You can have these Section 1092 Dividends securely locked away within the hour simply by following my instructions.

But beyond that, I believe I can help you cash in for tens of thousands more in Section 1092 Dividends throughout the year.

Here’s an example of how Dividend Multiplier works.

On February 19, 2014, I sent my Dividend Multiplier subscribers an email and recommended TAL International Group (NYSE: TAL).

It’s one of the world’s oldest and largest lessors of shipping containers… and it’s a safe, stable company that meets all of my criteria for a good dividend-paying stock.

In fact, it’s nearly tripled its dividend payment since 2010.

With the Dividend Multiplier strategy, you buy the stock before the ex-dividend date…

This boosts your success rate, because I set my readers up to capture a dividend too.

Here’s the recommendation I sent my Dividend Multiplier subscribers…

Buy TAL International Group (NYSE: TAL) at $43.50 and sell the March $45 call for $0.90.

Now, the first thing you’ll notice is that this is a combination trade.

I’m not just recommending buying the stock…

You buy the stock… and sell the call options for cash.

Now, entering the trades will be different depending upon your online broker… but these days, all of the major brokers allow you to do it on one screen in a few clicks.

You may soon discover it’s the most profitable screen in your entire brokerage account.

OK, we’ll use 500 shares again. You purchased the stock for $21,750. (You can purchase less or more depending on the size of your portfolio.)

You also sold an option to give the market’s high-risk investors the right to buy your stock back from you… but only if the stock were to rise to $45 before the next 57 days are over. (This is that “certain price” I mentioned earlier).

When you sold the option, you made an instant $450 in your account.

That’s your $450 to keep.

Think about that: The moment you placed the trade, you were already up $450.

From there, the trade can go one of three ways… all of them positive. And in just a moment, you’ll see why I call the Dividend Multiplier strategy a WIN-WIN-WIN strategy.

Now, here are the three things that can happen…

1. The stock goes up… but not too much… not above the $45.

2. The stock goes up… a lot… above $45.

3. The stock goes down.

As I see it, all three are winning scenarios.


In our first scenario, the stock goes up… but not more than the price you agreed to sell your shares at.

Let’s say $44.50.

When this happens, you make money three ways…

First, you make it on selling the option for $450.

Second, you make it on the dividend payment. In this case, you capture the $0.72 dividend and make $360.

Third, you make it on the rise of the stock: $500.

Added up, your total gain: $1,310 in about 60 days.

Annualized, that’s a 44.4% yield.

Now, here’s winning scenario No. 2…


In our second winning scenario, we have another positive outcome.

The stock goes up a lot… really fast.

In this outcome, the riskiest market investors win, because they’re getting the stock at a discount to the market price… but you still win too.

First, you make money selling the option for $450.

Second, you make money on the capital gain when you sell the stock at $45.

Remember, you always sell your stock to them at a profit.

In this case, you make $750.

Your total gain on the trade is $1,200 in 42 days.

Do that over for the entire year, and you’d have a 42.0% yield.

Finally, we have winning scenario No. 3…


The final outcome occurs if your stock goes down.

Now, remember first that you were paid $450 for selling the option.

That means your stock could go down… and you could STILL make money.

That’s why the CBOE says it “is not only the safest of all option strategies, it is also safer than purchasing and selling stocks only.”

So let’s say the stock drops from $43.50 to $43.

With 500 shares, without these options, you would have lost $250.

BUT, because you got the $450 up front, you’ve still actually made money on the trade.

As long as the stock position doesn’t go down more than $450… you still come out ahead!

And no matter what: Investors who hold the same stock without selling the option actually lose more than you do when the stock goes down.

You are protected by this $450 buffer.

But what if it goes down more than $450?

Simple: This is a good dividend-paying stock… it has great long-term prospects… and you still own it.

But it gets better.

Once your first call expires, you can actually sell a new one for another $800.

That means you can continue selling these calls again and again throughout the year until someone finally buys it from you at a higher price.

The odds are overwhelming that you’ll win in the long term.

Then you can use the money you raise for whatever you need… or simply reinvest it.

And that’s how you grow your portfolio 15 times faster than simply owning stocks… and win 92% of the time.

Now you can see why I call this a WIN-WIN-WIN trade.


One trade…

Three positive outcomes – because you’re selling… not buying options.

In the first outcome, you made money on the option, on the dividend and on the stock. That’s a win.

In the second outcome, you made money on the option and on the stock. That’s a win.

In the third outcome, you made money if the stock went down a little…

And if the stock went down more than $450, you’re still holding a great dividend stock… which you can sell options on again and again, until somebody finally buys it from you at the higher price.

As far as I’m concerned… as a prudent investor… that’s a win too.

Most people have no clue about how this trade works… even though they could learn it in an hour.

And today, I’d like to give you free access to a series of training sessions so you can sit alongside people who are now doing this too.

People like…

  • Thomas W., from Dunwoody, Georgia, who “netted over $1,800 since February.”
  • Stacy D., from Masonville, New York, who “made about $2,800 so far.”
  • Antonio N., of Reston, Virginia, who has made “about $7,500 since starting.”
  • Or Eduardo L., from Tampa Bay, Florida, who says, “I have made up to $10,000 using this method and I buy more shares in order to increase the income.”

I’d like to invite you to join them in my Dividend Multiplier research service.

In the service, I provide my cutting-edge research and recommend trades like the ones we just went over.

It’s for people who want to be given insights into the best trades on a silver platter… and learn along the way.

And, as you read at the beginning of this letter, hundreds of my subscribers are writing in thanking me for not only teaching them the strategy…

But for also sending these recommendations in my Dividend Multiplier service.


I’d like to show you what my subscribers have done since I began sharing my research and recommendations in my Dividend Multiplier service.

Now, I know you see a lot of cherry-picked trades on the Internet to get you excited about the potential of a service like this, complete with the hype.

But I’d like to do something different.

I’m going to show you my COMPLETE track record since I began sharing this strategy.

Even better, you’ll get to see how this WIN-WIN-WIN strategy worked to get us our 92% win rate.

One thing you should note: These trades are very short. Ideally, you get in and collect the income. Then we move on to the next play.

Because of that, the individual gains can be small. But when taken together throughout the year, they have the potential to add up to sizeable double-digit gains.

For instance, if you had followed every recommendation I’ve made this year, with 100 shares in each, so far, you’d have collected 15.9% in income over the first 232 days, but by the end of the year, you’d be on pace for an “annualized gain of 25%.”

So when I say “annualized,” I’m talking about how much you would make if you continued collecting income at these rates for a full year.

I can tell you right now, from what I’ve seen in this service, you can expect to bring in somewhere between 25% and 30%.

But individually, we’ve seen some gains that are bigger and some that are smaller.


First, let’s look at a Dividend Multiplier trade that worked out perfectly for my readers.

On this trade, they had the opportunity to make money all three ways: on the option, on the dividend and on the stock.

This happened with our second TAL International Group trade (remember, you can use this strategy over and over on the same stock).

On this trade, investors who bought 500 shares immediately claimed $250 on the option… they then claimed a dividend payment of $360… and they closed the trade with a small stock gain of $80.

The end result: a 3% gain in less than two months, working out to a 27.58% annualized yield.

That’s enough to double your investment in three years… something you can’t say about any other prudent income instrument.


Second, let’s look at a trade where investors made money two ways: on the option and on the stock.

This happened with the very first Dividend Multiplier trade.

In that trade alert, I recommended Maxim Integrated (Nasdaq: MXIM).

Again, those who bought 500 shares immediately claimed $275 on the option.

The stock rose and, 22 days later, they sold their shares for $55. In addition to the $0.26 dividend payment, investors made a total of $460.

The end result: 3% in just 22 days, or a 51.07% annualized return.

That’s 26 times better than the average S&P 500 dividend.


Now let’s look at the third scenario again… when a stock goes down.

For us, a stock can go down and investors can still win.


That happened with our first TAL International Group trade.

Investors who bought 500 shares immediately claimed $800 on the option.

Then they picked up an additional $860 on the dividend.

The stock traded down $385, so they had to deduct that from their winnings.

In total, they pocketed $1,275.

The end result: a 6% gain in less than three months, turning out a 37.09% annualized return.

That’s $3,709 in income on every $10,000 invested… and $37,090 in income on every $100,000 invested.

That’s why I recommend this strategy… it carries less downside risk than simply owning the stock. If you lose… which isn’t that often… the extra money can keep you in the black.

In my Dividend Multiplier service, we have a 92% win rate.

And my subscribers are on track to collect $5,000 for every $20,000 in their accounts this year.

That may not seem out of this world, but remember, 25% per year doubles your money in three years… and multiplies it ninefold over 10.

Now, let’s see something you’ve probably never seen in an invitation letter like this before.

My complete 2014 closed track record.

A 92% success rate.


To be fair to my subscribers, I’ve blocked out the companies I didn’t share above.

We had one losing position…

The other 12 were winners.

And what about our currently open positions?

(You almost never hear about those when someone is trying to get you excited about the potential of a service like this either.)

As I type this, the model portfolio shows we have $1,525 in instant cash from selling the options…

And we’re up on ALL three of our open trades.

Taken together, we’ve had a 92% success rate…

My subscribers have had the chance to pocket $10,683, if they bought 500 shares in each, and are up a safe 15.9% over 232 days.

In 365 days, they’re on track to make $16,808.50 on every $67K invested. (Again, that’s if they bought 500 shares in each.)

Now, I’d like to invite you to get in on the next trade… and put you on the path to collecting 25% in the coming year.

To start it all off, I’ll send you my free training sessions so you can learn how to use this strategy in your own portfolio too.


As a new Dividend Multiplier subscriber, I’ll show you how the average retirement account could provide $1,544 to $9,265 or more in Section 1092 Dividends… any of which you could collect within the first hour.

It depends only on the size of your portfolio and the number of opportunities you decide to act on.

After that, you could collect this money every one to three months… for the rest of your life.

Plus, as a new Dividend Multiplier subscriber, you’ll get access to all of my research and recommendations.

But you need to grab a subscription now… What I mean is that I’m opening Dividend Multiplier up for only a limited amount of time to protect my current subscribers.

Because our strategy is selling options… you don’t want to have too many sellers in the market at the same time.

This allows my subscribers to protect their profits.

This letter will be removed from the Internet the instant I get concerned that this might happen.

Act decisively. Here’s what you’ll get as a new subscriber…


First, as soon as you order, you’ll receive my special report “The Dividend Multiplier Strategy: How to Multiply Your Yields 15X or More.”

It’s my bible and reference guide to everything you learned today.

You can download it and keep it. In fact, I recommend you print it out and keep it handy.

Second, you get FREE access to a series of training sessions where I’ll walk through the Dividend Multiplier strategy with you.

The training series is called Section 1092 Dividends: How to Collect $1,544 to $9,265 Todayand Every One to Three Months for Life.

I’ll show you how to use it in your own portfolio…

How to pick the best dividend stocks…

And how to pick the best options too.

These could go for $495 or more… but I’m including them free as part of a special package.

At the end of each of these training sessions, I’ll also hold a live question-and-answer period.

Now, I can’t (and won’t) offer any individualized investment advice during these sessions…

But I will field any questions my subscribers have about the strategy and answer them publicly.

You can submit them in advance… or you can type them to the moderator during the live event.

Also, each session will be archived on the site for repeated viewing.

Third, you get my Dividend Multiplier trade recommendations. We should have 25 to 30 of these opportunities a year.

You saw the track record above.

Fourth, you get weekly updates on our Dividend Multiplier positions.

This way, you’ll always know exactly what I’m thinking about each of our positions… and know when it’s time to take your profits.

Fifth, I’ll mail you a free copy of my book Get Rich With Dividends: How to Build a Portfolio With Double-Digit Returns.

In it, I outline my strategy for picking good dividend stocks.


It’s the question every investor asks.

Howard M., from Rochester, Minnesota, “… netted $8,295” so far this year.

Virginia D., from Newark, New Jersey, says so far she “has $2,000 more in my account this year than I would have.”

Mary M., from Mankato, Minnesota, is on track to get $6,000 this year, currently claiming “about $500/month.”

Antonio N., of Reston, Virginia, has “about $7,500 since starting.”

And Thomas W., from Dunwoody, Georgia, “netted over $1,800 since February.”

Is an investment worth the return?

That’s the same question you have here.

Is the money you pay for a research service like this worth the investment?

Ask yourself fairly…

How much would you pay to learn how to collect $1,544 to $9,265 in Section 1092 Dividends not only today…

But also from your own portfolio every one to three months…

And have the opportunity to follow along with (or trade) my Dividend Multiplier service…

A service, as you saw, with a 92% success rate… on track to produce almost exactly 25% in the first year…

To help you decide, consider…

If you were to start with, say, $27,000… at our current pace… your account would grow to about $33,750 by year’s end.

At the end of year two, you’d have $42,187.50.

By year five, you’d have $82,397.

And by year 10, your account would be at $251,457… over nine times more than what you started with.

With that in mind, I think $2,500 is more than a fair price. It’s very likely you could make this $2,500 back (and possibly MUCH more) within the hour.

How often can you virtually be promised to have the opportunity to make your subscription costs back the same day like this?

The more you have in your portfolio, the more a service like this is worth… because your returns are set to be even bigger.

Some of you reading this right now could be making tens of thousands of dollars on stocks already in your portfolio.

A few of you could collect enough income to make 10 times your subscription fee or more today.

And on top of that, I’m giving you a 90-day, triple-your-subscription fee guarantee.


I’d like to show you how to collect $1,544 to $9,265 today…

Attend the training sessions…

Read my book…

Follow along… or trade my Dividend Multiplier service too.

If you don’t discover that this strategy is the safest and most conservative way to get these kinds of returns…

Or if you find this simply isn’t for you.

You can cancel anytime in the first 90 days and get your money back (minus a 10% processing fee). This fee serves to deter those people who aren’t serious about making money from joining us.

At minimum, you’ll go your own way knowing everything you’ve learned in my free training series.

As The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist, I understand I’m doing an important service for you.

That’s because investing is about freedom… it’s about achieving your dreams… the dreams you have right now… for you and your family.

I want to show you how you can achieve these dreams safely… potentially doubling your portfolio in three years… multiplying it ninefold in a decade… with as little risk as possible.

I don’t know how anyone can expect to do better than that without taking on the type of risk that causes retirement dreams to turn into nightmares…

I’d like to prove that to you…


This series of free Section 1092 Dividends: How to Collect $1,544 to $9,265 Todayand Every One to Three Months for Life training sessions is going to start in a few days.

I don’t have the exact days and times yet.

I’m waiting on you.

When you order… you’ll receive a welcome letter from me.

Read it.

You see, at the end of each session, I’ll hold a question-and-answer period.

My goal is to make sure you have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about this strategy… so you can make the greatest amount possible.

Also, if you miss one… all of the sessions will be archived on the Dividend Multiplier site.

They will always be available to subscribers for repeat viewing.

Now, I fully expect all of our subscriptions to be gone quickly.

But that doesn’t mean I want everyone to become a subscriber.

Here’s what I mean…


I think most people serious about making money agree that this is the type of opportunity that is too good to pass up.

One that…


Mariangela F., from New York, New York, used it for, “a trip to Peru and Ecuador.”

Steven N., of San Francisco, California, used it for his symphony membership.

Heidi F., from Houston, Texas, is on her way to “France to paint” like Monet.

Annie L., from Portsmouth, Virginia, uses it “for my kids’ college funds.”

Other subscribers are now using this extra cash to pay for vacations, weddings, bills, medical expenses…

Yet others are using it to make more money in business ventures…

And many keep this extra capital in their portfolio and put it to work… to make more money.

  • Could bring you $1,544 to $9,265… maybe tens of thousands of dollars today
  • Allows you to take advantage of a service with a 92% win rate… and that is on track to produce a 25% yield this year
  • Includes a 90-day guarantee
  • Is at a price so low you could make your money back the first day.

But I don’t want just anyone in my service either.

I want people who are serious about making money.

You see, I could charge $495 to access my Section 1092 Dividends: How to Collect $1,544 to $9,265 Todayand Every One to Three Months for Life sessions.

But I’m giving them to you for free.

I put a lot of work into them… and there’s a lot more involved in running my Dividend Multiplier service.

My subscribers are people who are taking personal responsibility for their portfolios… their financial future… their retirements…

I don’t want a bunch of idlers distracting us from our goal of making you money.

So if you are ready to learn more about this Dividend Multiplier strategy…

The same one I use in my own portfolio…

Then I’d like to welcome you aboard right now.

Again, if you decide it’s not for you at any time in the first 90 days, my team will refund your subscription fee…

Minus a 10% processing fee used to deter those not serious about making money from joining us.

So, here’s what you’ll get the moment you log in as a new Dividend Multiplier subscriber…

CLAIM YOUR $1,544 TO $9,265 NOW

Ready to claim what could be $1,544 to $9,265… or more… by the end of the day as a new subscriber of Dividend Multiplier?

Depending on your portfolio size and personal risk tolerance, you could end up thousands… maybe even tens of thousands of dollars wealthier by the time you go to sleep tonight.

And you can do this every one to three months.

For life.

Within a year, those of you who consider yourselves well-off could make back the cost of hundreds or thousands of times your subscription fees.

When this money starts piling up in your account… you can do whatever you want with it.

This is a strategy that can take you to retirement and build a legacy for your children and grandchildren.


Let me repeat that: It’s the safest strategy for those currently looking for high yields and extra income.

The chance to learn how to earn hundreds… even millions of dollars over the next decade is here right now for the taking.

You have my 90-day, triple-your-subscription fee guarantee.

Act decisively… before the subscriptions are all filled.

To see if subscriptions are still available, just click here or call our VIP Services Team at 888.570.9830 or 443.353.4537.

Good investing,

Marc Lichtenfeld
Editor, Dividend Multiplier
Chief Income Strategist, The Oxford Club

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