Dear Reader,

Marc Lichtenfeld here.

I’m the Editor of The Oxford Income Letter. And author of the best-selling book Get Rich With Dividends.

As you can imagine, I think dividends are pretty great.

Look at a company like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).

In 1993, it paid a dividend of just 2.8%.

But since then, it’s raised its dividend every year.

In fact, it hasn’t cut it once since the ’70s.

And $5,000 in JNJ 20 years ago would be worth $58,084 today… If you reinvested dividends.

Not to mention, the annual yield on your initial investment would now be 32.5%.

Not bad.

But imagine if there was a way to get a yield five to six times larger on stocks like JNJ.

Imagine your investment growth if… instead of 2.8%… you were starting with annual yields of 20%… 25%… Or as high as 50%.

At 25%, your investment would double in three years. And multiply by a factor of nine every 10.

That would turn $100,000 into a $931,323 fortune in 10 years… A fortune that can pay you as much as $232,830 in annual income.

So how is this possible?

By using what I call “Super Dividends.”

“Super Dividends” are a way to increase your income five to sixfold on any safe and reliable dividend-paying stock.

As Goldman Sachs found in a major study, they can be “the difference between dramatically beating the S&P or not.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that they can “juice returns in any market.”

Take a company like Diebold (DBD)…

It operates and maintains ATMs all over the country… A literal cash machine of a business.

Right now, its yield is 3.8%.

BUT, with the help of Super Dividends, you could bring in almost 20% on an annualized basis.

The difference is dramatic…

Let’s say you have $10,000, which you invest the regular way at the original 3.8% yield.

After five years of reinvesting dividends, your $10,000 would be worth $12,050. And you’d be generating an income of $457.

By contrast, with your 20% yield collecting both Super Dividends and traditional dividends, after five years, your $10,000 would be worth $24,883. And you would be generating an annual income of $4,976.

That’s the power of Super Dividends.

And you can collect them on dozens of different stocks.

I can show you how to get annualized yields as high as 18% on Intel… 27.4% on Hatteras Financial… 28.4% on Transocean Limited… Even 44% on HCP Inc.

Over the next few minutes, I’ll walk you through Super Dividends.

I’ll show you how to collect on any one of your favorite safe and reliable dividend stocks…

I’ll also give you a demonstration that could help you turn every $3,580 into $20,146…

Even if the stock price goes nowhere.

Bottom line: Once you’ve experienced Super Dividends, you’ll laugh at the mere thought of collecting 3% to 4% ever again.

So let me get straight to the details…

A Radical New Strategy Is Born…

If you’ve followed my work over the years, you know that when it comes to investing for income, I’m pretty conservative.

I don’t like pie-in-the-sky strategies. Or swinging for home runs.

Too often you end up striking out.

And I can’t live with that.

That’s why, for the last couple years, I’ve preached virtually nonstop about the power of dividends.

Dividends are the big winner in the history of the stock market.

Since 1900, 72% of the stock market’s returns have come from dividends.

Consider Coca-Cola (KO) for a minute.

Over 50 years, $10,000 in KO with reinvested dividends turned into $1.75 million… A total return of 17,400%.

That’s a HUGE return.

$10,000… Into nearly $2 million!

But there’s also a problem.

There’s one part of the scenario that inevitably scares people off.

The 50 years.

Fifty years is a heck of a long time to wait for your investment to pay off.

After all, most investors are in their 40s or 50s.

Who has the time to wait until they’re 90 years old before cashing out?


So having traveled around the country talking to people… And hearing this usual concern about dividends… I started to look for something different.

I wanted a new income plan that didn’t take 50 years… Or even 20 years.

I wanted one that would help people compound their money much faster.

And after a lot of searching, I’ve found exactly that.

It’s a way to start with annual yields between 20% and 50%.

It has the potential to turn those already high yields into 80% or even 100% on your initial investment in just a few years.

And in the long term, it has the potential to multiply your investments ninefold every 10 years.

Best of all, it’s also low-risk…

An article on recently called the “Super Dividends” aspect of this strategy a way for a trader to “increase their income and lower the risk.”

All Things Finance pointed out that Super Dividends “can be successful in a negative, positive or flat markets. You’ll always receive money [upfront].”

I really can’t imagine a safer, more profitable strategy.

That’s why…

I’m Launching a New Super Dividend Research Service Dedicated to Helping You Get 20% to 50% Annualized Yields on Safe, Conservative Stocks…

As I mentioned, the number one problem I hear from people interested in dividends is that it takes too long.

But there’s another concern I hear all the time.

It has to do with people who want income in this country.

To put it bluntly…

They can’t get any.

Forbes recently interviewed a major fund manager about this.

Here’s what he told them:

“With the current Fed policy and the zero-interest-rate policy, almost no income from money markets, cash, or CDs… a ten-year bond at 1.5%… dividend yield on stocks of 2%… we see a lot of retail investors searching for income.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Our zero percent environment makes it almost impossible to get a decent amount of income.

That’s why Super Dividends are so ideal for retirees or people who just want to live off of their investments.

The reasons to use Super Dividends are threefold…

  1. Higher Yields: Super Dividends can help you achieve 20% to 50% annual yields. That’s enough to double your investments in three years. And multiply them ninefold in 10 years.
  2. Lower Risk: The amount of risk you take is actually far lower with what Nasdaq has called a “low-risk income generating strategy.”
  3. It Works in All Markets: Not only have Super Dividends proven to work in all markets… According to a Forbes interview, “during periods of sideways and downward markets, the strategy has the tendency to have its greatest outperformance.”

OK, so Super Dividends give you higher yields, lower risk and they work in all markets.

It’s as close to a perfect strategy as you can get.

That’s why I’m launching a brand-new research service surrounding Super Dividends.

I call it…

Dividend Multiplier

With the Dividend Multiplier, we’ll be targeting safe, conservative stocks.

The annualized yields I’ve found can go as high as 19% in Merck… 27% in Eli Lilly… 34% in Duke Energy… 36.5% in Intel… 44% in HCP Inc…

Even a ridiculous 91.5% in Procter & Gamble…

Now, I should tell you, sometimes you won’t end up holding these for the entire year.

The yields are broken up into short Super Dividend pay periods generally lasting one, two or three months.

The yields I’ve calculated are achieved by collecting Super Dividends, regular dividends and sometimes capital gains from selling your stock. So, with a company like HCP Inc. on which you could collect an annualized 44%, you might collect approximately 3.6% per month.

That would be 7.2% in two months. 10.8% in three months… And so on.

If you closed out during say, month two, you’d likely close out with a 7.2% gain and move into another stock. Or maybe even get back into the same one.

So when I say a 44% annualized yield, I’m talking about how much you’d get if you were able to collect the biggest payments over and over again for a full year, which will sometimes even mean selling your stock.

I’m not saying you can get paid 50% in two or three months and move on.

Sometimes people get confused about that, so I wanted to clear it up right away.

Another key aspect to this strategy is that you can mix and match the Super Dividends you collect throughout the year.

I’ll give you an example of this in action here in a moment.

But the simple version is that you might collect 6.75% in the first quarter with Eli Lilly… 8.5% with Duke Energy in the second… Then 9.1% in Intel…

And finally, you might close the year with a sizeable 22.8% in Procter & Gamble.

Over the course of the year, collecting these gains together would result in an annual yield somewhere in the 40% range.

Again, I’ll explain that in more detail shortly.

But the point is, whether you want to collect Super Dividends in a single stock… Or maximize your return by collecting them in different stocks throughout the year… The end game is roughly the same.

When you use Super Dividends to complement traditional dividend yields and stock appreciation, you’ll end up with anywhere from 20% to 50% yields on safe and conservative stocks.

And the effects on your investments can be dramatic.

“A Great Way to Generate Between 25% and 35% a Year in Your Investment Portfolio”

– Profitable Trading

Consider a company like Intel…

It pays a 3.5% yield for the full year.

At that rate, if the stock price stays the same… You’d double your money in just over 20 years.

Twenty years!

However, if you were to collect Super Dividends on Intel as well, you could get an annualized return of 18%.

18% per year doubles your money in less than four years… Even if the stock stays at the exact same price.

An annual return of 44%, which is entirely possible in some other stocks, would double your money in year two.

And you’d turn every $10,000 into $383,375 by year 10.

You can see why I love Super Dividends so much.

But I’m not the only one who’s noticed this incredible opportunity.

At the publication Profitable Trading, they’ve called Super Dividends “a great way to generate between 25% and 35% a year in your investment portfolio.”

And confirms that “by repeating this process over time, large profits are possible.”

That’s what we’re going to do with Dividend Multiplier.

I’ll show you exactly how to collect each Super Dividend. Over the course of the year, I can show you how to collect on between 20 and 30 of these opportunities.

We’ll multiply them over time. And based on the numbers I’m seeing, you should be able to generate large profits in a very short period.

But I promised you earlier that I’d show you a demonstration of how this works.

Let me get into that…

How Super Dividends Work…

OK, so you’re probably wondering how all this works.

How can you collect a 25% yield… When normally you can only get maybe 3% or 4%?

To help illustrate this, let me give you an analogy.

Imagine for a second that you’re a homeowner. Let’s say you have a house worth $350,000 and you’re considering selling it.

A few days after you put it on the market, you get a visit from a guy that really wants to buy today.

He offers you $360,000. But you’re not so sure.

You’ve only just put the house on the market. You’re not quite ready yet to move out. And you’d like to hang on to the place for two or three more months.

After thinking about it, you say no to this gentleman. But he comes up with an idea.

He doesn’t want to miss out on the sale. He loves the house.

So he offers you $14,000 to give him the first right to buy it at $360,000 if the value of the house goes above that price three months from now.

You think about it. And then agree.

After all, it gives you an extra $14,000 in your pocket. Plus, if the gentleman does end up buying it, he does so at a higher price than you originally listed it at anyway.

It’s a win-win for you.

Now, that may sound unlikely in the real estate market.

But surprisingly, it’s possible in the stock market every day.

You can get paid extra income just so another investor gets the “right” to pay you more for a stock than it currently trades on a set date in the future.

The Best of Both Worlds in the Stock Market

I’ll start by showing you an ultra-conservative example.

Instead of a home that costs $350,000, let’s say you own 100 shares of a stock that trades for $35.

Your original cost was $3,500.

Another investor comes along. He tells you that right now he’ll give you $140 if you give him the right to buy all of your stock for $36 a share three months from now.

You think about it. And again you agree.

Everything about this deal is great.

You get the extra income. You get to keep any dividends collected during that period. And even if you do end up selling to him because the stock goes above $36, you still lock in a capital gain.

And if the investor doesn’t end up buying it from you, you simply collect the extra $140 and then do it again every three months.

Over the course of a year, you can collect this payment four times. After collecting all four, you end up with $560 PLUS the regular dividend of $109.

In total then, your take is $669 on $3,500, a yield of 19.1%.

And let’s say the fourth and final time you make this type of agreement for the year, the guy ends up buying your stock at $36, so you get an extra $100 just for kicks… Bringing your total return up to 22%.

You can do this on just about any stock.

For example, you could collect an annualized 19.7% from Baxter International… And 21% in Digital Realty Trust…

In short, with Super Dividends, you just keep collecting this extra income until the other investor finally buys the stock from you. And even if he does, you can just buy right back into the stock and continue collecting!

The results of using this strategy over time can be dramatic…

$3,580 Turns Into $20,146 on Microsoft… Even if the Stock Goes Nowhere

Here I’ll give you that demonstration I promised. Again, I’ll make it a conservative one.

Let’s look at a stock like Microsoft (MSFT).

Now, Microsoft pays 3.12% in dividends. So if you bought 100 shares of Microsoft at $35.80, you’d pay $3,580. And your payout would be $112.

I don’t have to tell you, $112 isn’t much.

Over 10 years, if you bought and held Microsoft and reinvested your dividends (and even if dividends grew 10% every year), here’s what would happen if the stock price never moved:


Even with a dividend yield that increases 10% each year, in 10 years your $3,580 has only turned into $5,816.

That’s a return of just $2,236.

Pretty bad for 10 years.

But if you were also collecting Super Dividends on Microsoft, here’s what your returns could look like over 10 years.

And again, this example assumes that the stock price went nowhere…

Microsoft With Super Dividends


OK, so when you add in Super Dividends, even if you had a ZERO capital gain, you could end up with $20,145.

Your total return is $16,565… Over seven times more than the $2,236 you would have gotten from traditional buy and hold.

That $16,565 profit amounts to $1,656 per year… An average return of 46% per year on your initial $3,580.

That’s huge outperformance.

But again, that was a simplistic example based on payouts available now. The number and size of Super Dividends being offered will fluctuate slightly each month, so you could end up collecting a bit more or less than what I’ve figured here.

You may be wondering what happens if the stock drops in value.

Well, let’s take a look…

What if Microsoft Drops 5% Every Year?

The key to a successful investment strategy is how well it works in a falling market.

My goal is to never lose money.

So let’s continue looking at Microsoft.

But this time, let’s assume the stock drops in value every year by 5%.

With traditional buy and hold…

Over 10 years, even when reinvesting dividends, your $3,580 turns into just $4,458.

You’ve made less than $900.

That’s awful.

But if you invested in MSFT and collected Super Dividends, even if the stock dropped 5% every year, your total value after 10 years would still be $19,576.

Your average annual return works out to 44.6%.

That’s pretty incredible.

To still see a 44.6% yield per year despite the stock dropping 5% per year would save your portfolio.

You can see why I love this strategy so much. You can make more money in nearly every situation.

The only thing we haven’t looked at yet is what happens if the markets go up.

What Happens if Microsoft Goes Up?

Now, based on what I told you earlier, if the stock goes up past the price you’ve agreed to, you’ll end up selling the stock to the investor who paid you the extra “Super Dividend.”

That’s not a bad thing.

For one, you get the capital gain.

And two, you can get right back into the stock and collect a new Super Dividend the moment after you sell.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to get my full walkthrough explaining this process.

It gives you every step you need to take.

Having said that, let’s look at MSFT in a rising market.

Now, the average yearly market gain is 7.48%.

So let’s say that Microsoft rises by that amount each year. In addition, we’re reinvesting dividends which Microsoft increases by 10% every year.

Over 10 years, that scenario would turn your $3,580 into a solid $10,450.

That’s a little bit better. You’ve nearly tripled your money.

But with Super Dividends, and an average market return of just 7.48%, your $3,580 could turn into $24,491!

In the end, your performance still more than doubled buy and hold.

To recap…

  • If the stock price stays flat: You turn every $3,580 into $20,145.
  • If the stock drops 5% every year: You turn every $3,580 into $19,576.
  • If the stock goes up the market average every year: You turn every $3,580 into $24,491.

Now, that’s what factoring in Super Dividends on one conservative stock might look like…

But there’s a way to get even bigger yields if you want them.

It’s what I’m going to emphasize in my Dividend Multiplier service.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

Optimize Your Super Dividends With This Technique

Much like regular dividends, there are optimal times each year to collect Super Dividends on each stock.

So if you collect the Super Dividends on multiple stocks during their optimal periods, you can end up bringing in a very high yield for the year.

Here’s an example of how those gains could add up.

Keep in mind, these numbers are based on Super Dividends the market’s offering right now. There will be different Super Dividends available as the year goes along.

So let’s say you have $10,000 you want to invest in order to collect Super Dividends starting in 2014.

The first stock you buy is Hatteras Financial Corp (HTS), trading at $17.76. So you buy 500 shares with your $10K and collect a Super Dividend on HTS and its regular dividend for the first two months of the year.

This pays you up to $545.

Then you sell the stock.

Next, you know there’s another big Super Dividend available on HCP Inc. So you take your $10,000 from HTS and put it into 200 shares of HCP.

The income from the Super Dividend and regular dividend on this stock goes as high as $650.

Again, you collect it and sell as soon as you’re able.

After that, you see you could collect as much as $828 on Windstream Holdings Inc (WIN). So again, you invest in WIN, collect the income and then sell as soon as you can.

OK, you’ve made it halfway through the year, and already you’ve collected a total of $2,023 on your original $10,000.

That’s a net return of 20.2% in six months. Or 40.4% annualized.

But we’ll continue from there.

In the next two months, you invest in Williams Partner LP (WPZ) in order to collect both a dividend and a Super Dividend totaling $477.

Then you sell and move into Digital Realty Trust (DLR), on which you are able to collect up to $656.

And finally, you close out with a huge Super Dividend on Annaly Capital Management Inc (NLY) that helps you bring in up to $1,110.

In total then, for the year, you’ve collected $4,266 on your original $10,000.

Your yield for the year is 42.66%.

See how this works?

If you optimize your Super Dividend collection throughout the year, you can end up with a huge yield.

A compounded yield of 42.66% will more than double your money every two years.

And you can do whatever you want with that extra income.

You can use it to pay house bills, go on a vacation, do some home renovations… Put a payment down on a new car.

Or you can put the money back into even more stocks so that you can continue collecting even more and bigger Super Dividends next year.

It’s totally up to you.

One smart way to play it is to roll over your Super Dividend yields for a couple years and then… Once you’ve generated a big enough income… Start living off the proceeds.

Let me give you an example of how that might work…

Get an Income of $11,116 Per Year on 400 Shares of Digital Realty Trust

This example is again based on real yields available right now.

If you’re the type of person who just wants to get a good amount of income on your savings… This sort of example may be perfect for you.

Again, I’ll assume the stock goes nowhere.

I want to emphasize that this strategy can work very well even if stocks don’t return as much as we expect them to.

After all, we’re coming off a decade from 2000 to 2010 that was one of the worst in the history of the stock market.

I’d like to see this strategy help you do well even in an environment like that.

So let’s say you have $20,000 that you just want to use to collect income.

And you decide to use that $20,000 to invest in Digital Realty Trust so that you can collect a Super Dividend on your shares in 2014.

At $49.48 per share, you could get 400 shares of Digital Realty Trust for $19,792.

Those 400 shares would pay you $1,248 per year in regular dividends.

If the stock went nowhere, that would be your total income.

BUT, in 2014, I’m expecting there will be $3,320 in Super Dividends available on DLR. Combined with the regular dividend, you’d be getting $4,568 on your $19,792 investment.

If all you wanted to do was collect that income every year… And the stock made you zero capital gains the whole time… You could do it.

Ideally, you could go on collecting that $4,568 every year if you wanted to.

Compare that with a savings account. Even at 2%… Which you can’t get… Your $19,792 would only pay you $395.

Obviously, Super Dividends are a much better way to go… Even if you just want to collect income now.

But let me give you another scenario.

What if you have plenty of money now, but you want to start living off your investments in maybe five years?

If you reinvested your dividends and Super Dividends during that time, and even if the stock went nowhere, your income five years from now would likely be approximately $11,116.

That’s a 56% annual yield on your original $19,792.

And I should also mention, because you’ve reinvested all the income you’ve collected for the first five years and the regular dividends payouts have increased , your shares have grown to be worth $50,529.40… Even though the stock price remained the same.

I can tell you… Nothing is this powerful.

I’ve never seen anything that can multiply your money faster… And deliver more income in the short term… than Super Dividends.

It’s also important to note, it’s always possible that the stock could go down.

There’s always that risk in the stock market.

But even if the stock dropped in value 5% every year for those five years – all other variables remaining the same – your income would still end up at $9,670 per year. And your shares would be worth $43,957.

Imagine that… You invest $20,000 in a stock that drops every year… And yet the total value of your shares still more than doubled and your income per year is nearly 50%.

It’s almost mind-blowing that this even exists.

But it does and I’ve never seen a better time to start benefiting…

Get Started in the Next 10 Minutes…

Now, I hope at this point you’re ready to get started.

I’ve shown you that in virtually every scenario, adding Super Dividends to your investing approach will end up far outperforming traditional buy and hold.

Even better, Super Dividends will change your mentality as an investor.

You’ll stop caring so much about whether a stock is going up. Because as I’ve emphasized, even a stock that goes nowhere can give you mammoth returns just from Super Dividends alone.

The only question you probably have left is how to actually collect Super Dividends.

That’s why I want to send you something right now.

I’ve just completed my detailed report showing you how to collect Super Dividends on any stock.

It’s called the Super Dividend Walkthrough.

As you probably guessed, Super Dividends involve a special play in the options market.

Now, I’m sure some of you out there think options are risky.

And in fact, you’re quite right.

Most options are risky.

They are ways to bet big and sometimes hit a huge winner. But more often than not, you lose.

You end up hitting a few home runs and striking out a lot.

Super Dividends are the exact opposite of that.

In fact, the people who are paying us these Super Dividends are the gambling risk takers.

When you go about this strategy the right way, you’re like the house at the casino taking in the easy, safe money.

As Profitable Trading says about Super Dividends, using them actually “reduces the risk that typical investors take by simply buying and holding stock positions.”

And if you’ve never traded options either, don’t worry about that.

These are viewed by brokerages as ultra-conservative options trades. Generally, you fill out a form in one day and you’re ready to go.

In my walkthrough, I’ll show you how to set it up on a regular brokerage account. I’ll show you step-by-step how to make the trade.

I want this to be easy for you.

Understanding the process should be your first order of business as a new subscriber to the service.

From there, I’ll be sending out my first recommended trade during the coming week.

And after that, you can expect two to three profit opportunities every month.

Whether your goal is to collect big income… Or to grow the value of your account… I’ll show you what steps to take.

Remember, I’ve found situations that can lead to annual yields between 20% and 50%.

In the short term, that can mean collecting between $2,000 and $5,000 in income on every $10,000.

And in just a few years, your yields could grow up to 100% of your initial investment and even higher.

If you’re interested in collecting on this situation right now, just let me know, and I’ll send you my Super Dividend Walkthrough right away.

After that, I can help you start collecting on specific Super Dividends through my Dividend Multiplier research service.

Through the year, you can expect to receive 25 to 30 opportunities to profit. You can expect to get annualized yields anywhere from 19% all the way up to 44%.

It’s important that I help guide you along the way. I’ll show you each situation in my weekly email alerts. In other words, I’ll give you all the tools needed to collect 20% to 50% annually, thanks to the compounding of regular dividends, stock appreciation and Super Dividends on conservative, risk-averse stocks.

So how much does it cost to receive all the best Super Dividend opportunities each year?

A Special Deal for Introductory Subscribers

I’ve been excitedly waiting to launch Dividend Multiplier for about six months.

I wanted to fine-tune everything… Find the largest and safest Super Dividends… And prepare my easy-to-follow walkthrough so anyone could do this.

Now all the dominoes are lined up.

We’re ready to knock them over… And watch as the profits start rolling in.

That’s why I’m adamantly pushing to get everyone on board right from the start.

I have a company lined up right now on which you could collect a 31.4% annualized yield. I have another on deck that could show you an annualized 28.4%.

In fact, I’ve found a wide range of opportunities available now that could lead to anywhere from 15.3% all the way up to 91.5%.

Of course, some of these are outliers. Generally, the total payouts are in the 20% to 50% range.

But the point is… a few years of doing this and you could be seeing as much as $6,000 in payouts for every $10,000 initially invested… Even in companies as safe as Intel or Microsoft.

The beauty of this strategy is that you can do it with steady, solid companies.

You don’t have to chase high yields in mortgage REITS or the other usual suspects that often cut dividends or aren’t that profitable.

So the strategy is extremely safe and risk-averse. But at the same time, the yields can be so big that your investment can multiply manyfold in very short periods.

In my weekly alerts, I’ll give you details on the company I’m recommending and its financials. But to be honest, you probably won’t need them. I like to include them so you know the company is in strong financial shape, but as I said, I’m a conservative guy.

I won’t be recommending anything risky.

I generally will stick only with companies that a) are very profitable and b) have a very long history of increasing dividends every year.

The companies will be safe. And the yields will be big.

That’s the bottom line.

Once you learn the secret to Super Dividends, you can do this over and over for the rest of your life.

And the best part of all this is…

You may not even worry about the markets anymore.

Remember, even if the stock you buy goes nowhere for 10 years, you can still collect net yields as high as 46% per year.

In fact, a low stock price just allows you to buy more shares when you reinvest, meaning you’ll increase your income even further.

Let me tell you, it feels good to know you can make money even if the stock market hasn’t gone anywhere in years.

As All Things Finance pointed out about Super Dividends…

“It can be successful in a negative, positive or flat markets. You’ll always receive money upfront.”

Think back to the example I showed you on Digital Realty Trust…

Your yield after just five years could be as much as $11,116 on every $19,792 initially invested. That’s 56% per year.

In 10 years, your annual income could be $38,661!

That’s double your initial $19,792 investment every year just in income… Even with ZERO stock growth.

Because of the sheer profitability of this situation, my publishers have suggested a high price for this service.

Think about it… If you have the opportunity to make 20% to 50% annual yields in stocks even if the price stays flat, you’d end up better off than just about every investor in the market.

You can see why they want to charge $2,500 for this research service.

I actually think that is quite fair.

Consider… Even if you have a small portfolio of just $20,000, Super Dividends could help you to collect between $4,000 and $10,000 this year.

In year two, you could be bringing in anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000.

Even if you only have $1,000 or $2,000 to start with… You could turn that into real money in just a few years’ time.

Remember, a mere 25% from this Super Dividend strategy can double your money in three years. And multiply it ninefold in 10.

And it just keeps going up from there.

So one full year of my Dividend Multiplier will cost just $2,500.

If you follow the basic instructions, you could receive at least double that amount in income every month.

In other words, the service could easily pay for itself if you are following the recommendations.

It’s important that you realize we may never make this available so cheaply again.

And as always, our Oxford Club VIP satisfaction guarantee applies to this research service. If you go ahead and become a new subscriber today, you’ll have 90 days to try out Dividend Multiplier for yourself. In that time, you’ll get at least six opportunities to profit using Super Dividends.

How much income you collect during that time is up to you. You could collect $625… $1,250… $5,000 or more.

It’s really up to you.

And if, during those 90 days, you don’t find that it’s the easiest and fastest way to achieve increased returns and less risk, then we’ll happily refund your membership fee, minus our 10% processing fee.

And I should remind you: the moment you decide to join today, I’ll immediately send you my walkthrough explaining how to easily collect Super Dividends.

You can get that in the next 10 minutes. And then I’m preparing to send you my first alert here shortly.

So let me sum everything up for you…

Everything You’ll Get With Dividend Multiplier

Here’s what you’ll receive as an introductory subscriber to Dividend Multiplier:

  • The Super Dividend Walkthrough: It will show you step-by-step how to collect Super Dividends in a regular brokerage account. If you want to do this for income, I’ll show you how to do that. And if you want to grow your account, I’ll help with that too.
  • My First Trade in the Next Few Days: I’m looking at several great Super Dividends available right now. There’s a chance for 31.4% annually on an oil pipeline company… 28.4% on a drilling company… And 19.7% on a medical treatment company. You’ll get the chance to start collecting profits almost instantly.
  • Approximately 25 to 30 Opportunities Per Year: I plan to recommend a new Super Dividend every two weeks or so. If you want to take part, just follow the instructions, collect your income and move to the next one.
  • Weekly Updates on All Positions: I don’t want you to have to do any extra grunt work whatsoever with this service. So I’ll track each position. Let you know where we’re at and how much you could’ve made. And then I’ll let you know as soon as its time to exit.

There is a real chance that once you know how to collect Super Dividends, it will be the only strategy you use going forward.

And the truly great aspect of all of this is that these recommendations could end up paying more from year to year.

The amount of money you could generate will be more dramatic than any other income source you’ve tried before.

Just go ahead and sign up now… and I’ll rush you my walkthrough right away so you can begin profiting almost immediately. After that, I’ll send you my first Dividend Multiplier alert. And from there, you start receiving my special weekly reports and we’ll be on our way.

I hope you’re as excited about this opportunity as I am.

Just click here or call VIP Services Group at 888-570-9830 or 410-454-0498 to get the $2,500 price.

Best regards,

Marc Lichtenfeld


Dividend Multiplier

P.S. Remember, the first trade recommendation is coming in the next few days. I’m looking at Super Dividends right now that could help you boost your net yields as high as 31% on an annualized basis. Make sure to get on board as soon as possible so you can start collecting income right away.

P.P.S. Also, it’s important to note that you’ll have 90 days following signing up to decide if my new service is everything I claim it to be. During that time, I’ll give you at least six opportunities. Go ahead and try them out. Collect the income. See if Super Dividends are right for you. I think you’re going to be quite pleased when they are.

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